Making a Difference

“My name is Cynthia L Myers, ‘cindi’ and I am an RN.  I first heard Carolyn Knight speak at our St. Luke’s Missions Conference in Spring of 2011

Carolyn moved me to tears, but I am a type ‘A’ person, always saying ‘yes’ to everything, and my plate was full, so when she asked for volunteers to partner with her to go into the strip clubs, I did NOT volunteer.  BUT…I had started the engine of my car …when I started weeping!  I turned off the engine, got out of my car, and with tears in my eyes I said to Carolyn:  “I don’t really want to be a part of your ministry, but I think the Holy Spirit is saying that I have to become a part!”  Then just a month or 2 later the news was out that Carolyn had breast cancer and could not leave her home in Missouri!  But God was still moving.  I am a Parish Nurse, and a part of the Community Parish Nurses Support group, and our Sponsor, St. Joseph Hospital was having a seminar on Human Trafficking that following March.  It was open to the public!  Very powerful, very moving, very disturbing! 

Carolyn was declared well enough to move to Indiana, and become a part of OMS, along with her LIGHT IN DARKNESS MINISTRY in 2012.   At our next Missions Conference I was ‘commissioned’ at the altar, and on May 19, 2012 we had our first training meeting.  Though there are many stories, probably the one that has moved me the most was when “Nan”, right there in the strip club was so responsive to our presence, our tenderness in the name of Jesus, and she started crying, and we prayed with her the sinners prayer!  Also, we have seen many things happening in our newspapers and even TV concerning some of the legal aspects of strip -clubs…Our Triune God is working and moving in the Heavenlies on behalf of Kokomo, Indiana!  I have seen God move, I have felt His presence, as I have stepped out in faith to go into the strip -clubs.  I have been impacted in a powerful way!  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!””


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