II Peter 1:19:  ‘Be as a light that shines in a dark place…’

Walking into the Lion’s Den
by Pat Munsey (Kokomo Perspective)
For his faith, the Biblical prophet Daniel was cast into the lion’s den. His friends, Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego, were cast into a furnace for the same reason. All survived, and their Lord’s will was demonstrated to the Persian kings of their day.

A handful of Hoosier women have chosen to enter their own lion’s dens and fiery furnaces, walking on faith. And they do it in the hope that the evil of human trafficking one day will cease in Indiana.

Carolyn Knight began visiting strip clubs seven years ago — the last place one might expect to find a Bible professor. On a given evening, she sits with the dancers, listens to their stories, befriends and counsels them, and provides what assistance she can. And on rare occasions, she brings one of these ladies out of her destructive environment and away from her oppressors.

“It’s a happy day, when it happens,” said Knight. “I haven’t helped as many as I would have liked to; it’s fewer than what you might think. It takes time, and it’s difficult to get to them and to get them to trust you. It’s tough.”

Really, it shouldn’t be surprising. At any given time it is estimated that 2.5 million people are enslaved through human trafficking. The activity generates more than $31 billion in profits for the traffickers annually, and the number of successful convictions against the offenders is very low. For every 800 victims, only one trafficker is stopped.

Even the FBI, which participates in more than 70 human trafficking task forces across the nation, is able to make very little progress against a leviathan system of organized crime and corruption. What can this Bible scholar do in a strip bar?

She can build an army, one woman at a time.

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