The Rise in Violence


“He beats me every time he is high or on a drinking binge and I just can’t take it anymore!  I need a safe place to go.  Can you help me?”  Tears were rolling down her face.

I heard these words as I was sitting in a strip club dressing room a couple weeks ago and listening to a young black woman who had a broken nose and a black eye.  I was able to get her to the Hope Center two days later and she filled out an application.

“He has beaten me so badly, more times than I could tell you!  One day last year, I was pregnant and he beat me so bad, I lost my baby!” She cried.  I got away from him and moved into an apartment but he found me again and broke out every single window!  Then I was evicted for it! It was so unfair.  I’m really afraid!  Can you help me?

I was sitting in a strip club bar, three days later, and listening to a soft spoken young lady with her face in her hands. I was able to share about the Hope Center with her as well and she also prayed with me to receive Christ as her Savior! Thank you Lord!

These stories are becoming more and more common in the clubs.  Research says that there has been an increase of 25 to 30 percent in domestic violence in the US since Covid.  Domestic abuse hotlines receive over 20,000 calls every day!  1 in 4 women will experience violence during their lifetime and the increase is such that now 15% of all violent crime is from an intimate partner in the home. As our nation turns away from Biblical values, it is no wonder that violence and lawlessness are increasing.  Please pray for us as we minister to these ladies.

Thank you so much for your loving care, prayers, and generosity to me and the teams of Light in Darkness.  I know God has us in those dark places to be loving Moms and Sisters to these women in danger and most importantly, to share the Words of Life with them.

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