Get Involved

The needs are great and we desire to grow!  There are many ways to be involved in this ministry and we need YOU!

Training: Dr. Knight is a frequent church and conference speaker.  She also offers training seminars and would be happy to offer you the equipping you need so that you can get a team going in your area.  Contact us!

Raise Awareness:  We would love to speak to your church, or group about trafficking and the sex trade and what you can do to join in the fight against this evil in your area.

Projects: If you would like to help with projects such as holiday gifts, contact us to learn current needs for holidays this year.

Prayer Team: If you want to be on the prayer team-  email Dr. Knight to be put on the weekly email list.

Donate: We need your help for this vital ministry to keep going and growing.  Light in Darkness is a registered non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.  Send gifts to:  Light in Darkness Ministry, P.O. Box 720795, Byram, Mississippi 39272 or give online below.

If you are interested in helping in any of the ways listed above contact us today …

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