Light in Darkness Ministry began eight years ago in Jackson, MS, under the leadership of Dr. Carolyn Knight. Here is her personal testimony of how the ministry began:

“After serving the Lord as a pioneer evangelist and church planter in East Africa for ten years, I had returned to the U.S. and was teaching Missions and Counseling classes at a small Bible College. One day I was helping to take a group of young people on a trip. We were traveling by bus down an interstate when we passed a billboard advertising a strip club. It pictured a girl, in a fringed bikini with thigh high stiletto boots in a provocative pose.
On the spur of the moment I bowed my head and prayed, “Oh Lord, please send someone to help those poor young women.” To my surprise, He spoke right back and said, “I found someone, it’s you.”

My stomach dropped! I was so shocked. I recovered a little and answered, “Well, Lord, if you send any girl across my path I promise I will witness to her.” “No,” He replied. “I want you to go where they are.”

His voice was so clear, I have never looked back. When I got home after that trip I looked up the addresses of the strip clubs in Jackson, MS and I took my message to my students at the Bible College. “This is what I believe the Lord has said to me. Will any of you help me? Will any of you go with me?

It wasn’t long before as many as two dozen would gather for prayer and to be divided into teams. We soon entered a world of darkness we had never known before.

I named the ministry, Light in Darkness, because it fits perfectly what we do- Bringing the light of Christ into these places where darkness reigns. We are following the Lord’s instruction to go right where they are. Many ladies have exclaimed over the years, “I am so glad you came in here to find me!”

The ministry now has teams in five U.S. cities. We hope your city will be next!

Contact us to learn more about beginning a Light in Darkness team in your town …

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