Light in Darkness Ministry exists to recruit and train Christian women to reach those who are trapped or trafficked in the sex industry businesses and lead them to freedom in Christ Jesus.

Light in Darkness Ministry was founded in 2005 by Dr. Carolyn Knight.  The ministry vision and focus is to reach young women who work in strip clubs and other six industry businesses, a population often neglected by the church.

Currently, Light in Darkness has more than thirty teams ministering across six states.  Several thousand men and women volunteer their time to serve on ministry teams.

Light in Darkness Ministry teams:

1.      Evangelism Teams: Ladies attend a training workshop to learn conversational methods of sharing the life changing power of Jesus. They work on the front lines of the ministry  and work to build relationships with women working in the sex industry.

2.     Prayer Teams:  Intercessors cover the evangelism teams in prayer.  They pray for the  teams to have protection in these dark environments and open doors to share the Gospel.

3.      Projects/Gift Teams: Individuals and groups assist in preparing gifts for the women working in every club on every major holiday .  These gifts aid the evangelism teams in breaking down barriers and opening conversations.

4.     Texting/Calling Teams:  Ladies call and text women advertising on adult websites.  They offer hope, options, the Good News, and a hotline number.

5.     Financial Support Teams– individuals and Churches donate regularly so the ministry can keep going and keep growing.  Light in Darkness is a 5o1c3, non-profit charitable organization and all gifts are tax deductible. 

6.     Training Teams:  Ladies can become spokesmen and educators at churches and women’s groups to raise awareness of the problem of human trafficking and the needs of this population. They are trained to launch new teams.   

To schedule Carolyn to share with your church or ladies group:

Call: 601-953-9586  Or email: clknight7@gmail.com

 Dr. Knight’s Testimony and Call…

“After serving the Lord as a pioneer missionary and church planter in East Africa for ten years, I returned to the U.S. and began to teach Missions and Counseling classes at a small Bible College. One day I was having quiet time with the Lord and He took me to II Peter 1:19.  A phrase in that verse says, “Be as a light that shines in a dark place.” I knew immediately that God was speaking to me but I had no idea what form that instruction would take. 

A few weeks later I was helping to take a group of young people on a trip. We were traveling by bus down an interstate when we passed a billboard advertising a strip club. It pictured a girl, in fringed clothing with high stiletto boots in a provocative pose. Her eyes looked empty and sad.  On the spur of the moment I bowed my head and prayed, “Oh Lord, please send someone to help those poor young women.” To my surprise, He spoke right back and said, “I found someone, it’s you.”

My stomach dropped! I didn’t expect to hear that! I recovered a little and answered, “Well, Lord, if you send any girl across my path I promise I will witness to her.” “No,” He replied. “I want you to go where they are.”

His voice was so clear, and I have never looked back. When I got home I looked up the addresses of the strip clubs in Jackson, MS and I took this message to my students at the Bible College. “This is what I believe the Lord has said to me. Will any of you help me? Will any of you go with me?

It wasn’t long before two dozen students would gather for prayer and we would divide into teams and head to the clubs and the street corners where women were working in the sex trade. We soon entered a world of darkness we had never known before but we also began to see the Lord’s power to penetrate the darkness and change lives!  We began to see young women receive Christ, as well as customers and club employees!

After a few years the Lord began to tell me to multiply and replicate the ministry in other cities.  He opened doors and soon the ministry began to grow.  I am so thankful for the call of God on my life and for all my Christian sisters who have answered the call are willing go to these ladies and share the message of God’s love. I am always looking for more warrior women for new teams!

Help bring light and hope to women trapped in the sex industry by giving to Light in Darkness!

Contact us to learn more about beginning a Light in Darkness team in your town …

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