What we do

Light in Darkness Ministry is dedicated to the task of helping women who are in trouble. Most of our teams focus on friendship evangelism in strip clubs and are reaching out to the ladies trapped in the sex industry. We seek to assist them in beginning new lives. We also have some team members who focus on women who are incarcerated, and some give counseling and assistance to women with unplanned pregnancies. We are mostly a ministry carried out by women, for women. However, we welcome men to be on our prayer teams!

Our Methods:

1. We raise awareness of trafficking and the plight of ladies trapped in the sex industry through public speaking engagements.

2. We train and equip people to join us in the fight through seminars and training classes.

3. We form ladies into working teams who meet weekly.

4. Some ladies are front line ministers and go into the strip clubs to do ministry. Our method is low key and Spirit led. We send in teams of two or three women per club and quietly sit at a table. We pray for God to send a person to us. God answers that prayer in miraculous ways time and time again.

5. Our Method is to befriend and build relationships with these ladies. We desire to build trust and genuine friendship, not to judge or condemn. In a loving relationship we hope to share the love of the Lord. Our goal is to help them begin new lives in Christ.

6. Some ladies (men also) are on the on-site prayer team and are in the parking lots praying

7. Some ladies (men also) are praying off site for the team members and ministries

8. We do projects for the women in the sex industry to demonstrate God’s love. These methods include giving holiday gift bags to the ladies on every major holiday. Churches also supply us with prayer blankets, Bibles, Bible studies, food items, and gifts for their children.

9. We assist ladies in starting new lives through getting some into safe houses, rehabilitation centers, or helping others to find jobs or reunite with family members.

10. Some ladies are fighting for the protection of these ladies and our communities through legal means. We have gone to court several times on various issues relating to this battle, we are in frequent contact with local police, promote petitions, appeal to city councils, and work to raise public awareness of violations at sex industry establishments.

Contact us to learn more about beginning a Light in Darkness team in your town …

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