Broken and Wounded

“Hey, “A” is in the dressing room and she is crying hard.  Can you talk to her?”

 The manager of the club stood before me and my teammate with a worried look on her face.  We had been building a relationship with the management of the club and this was both a surprise and a compliment to us.  The manager was demonstrating that they trusted us and had sought us out to give help and counsel to this girl.

“Of course, we’d be glad to!” I replied quickly.

We immediately left the table and made our way to the dressing room.  “A” was at a dressing table, sobbing with her head on her arms, which were resting on the table.

“What’s wrong, Honey?  Can you tell us what has happened?”

“The only person who ever loved me has died!”  She sobbed.  “It was my Grandmother.  My parents were drug addicts and my Mom overdosed and killed herself when I was six.  My Grandma raised me and she loved me and we were so close.  Now she’s gone and there’s nobody left in this world that cares about me!  Last night I stood looking in the mirror and I held a razor blade to my juggler vein.  Voices inside my head were saying, ‘Do it!  Do it now! Nobody will miss you.  You’ve got nothing to live for. Nobody will care if you’re dead!  No one will even know that you’re dead!”

“I couldn’t do it though.” She said softly wiping tears.  “I know my Grandma went to Heaven and I figured that if I committed suicide I couldn’t be with her.  That thought me kept me alive last night.”

Oh, “A”, I said.  “I’m so glad you didn’t kill yourself!  You are not alone. We are here and we want to help you and we love you too.  You are loved and not only by us, please know that God loves you!  He loved you so much, he sent his only son to die for you.”

We continued to talk that night and many times in the days ahead.  I often met with her for counseling sessions in her little sparsely furnished apartment.

Thank the Lord that He had a small team of Light in Darkness ladies in the club that night.  We were able to give a depressed girl, on the brink of suicide, the news that she was loved.  A wounded and brokenlife was saved!

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