A Message from the Lord

“I think the Lord has given me a message for a young woman we’ll find in the dressing room.”

My teammates, Julie and Vanessa, and I walked into the dressing room and sure enough, there was one young woman that we had been sent by the Lord to find. 

“The Lord is telling me that you recently went through a difficult break up, one that you have wept over many times.  This has been very hard for you but the Lord wants you to know that this man was dangerous and not out for your good.  This breakup was actually a protection for you and in answer to your Grandmother’s prayers.  The Lord says that she prays for you every day.  Is this right?”

The longer my friend shared, the more the young woman’s mouth had been dropping open in amazement! “Yes!” She said.  “Every bit of that is true.   I loved him so much and I still miss him.  But I know deep down he wasn’t’ good for me.  And my Grandma does pray for me all the time!  How could you know any of this?”

“Well, we always pray and ask God to send us to who He needs us to speak to and we ask the Lord to give us any messages that He wants us to give to certain individuals.  This is now he answered our prayers tonight!  We care about you and we want you to know that the Lord sent us here tonight because he loves you and has so much more for your life if you will believe and follow Him.”

The conversation went on for a long time and in the end, the young woman was agreeing to follow Christ!  She said that she would like to pray to God at home in private and praise the Lord, we have not seen her back in the clubs! 

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