Hopelessness and Despair

“K” was twenty two and believed her life was over.

“Just look at me!  I am ruined!”  She exclaimed with her hands out.  She was wearing a sparkly costume and sported blue streaked hair.  Blue eyeshadow went all the way to her eyebrows and her eyes were heavily lined in black.

“No decent guy will ever want me now.  My life is over.  Any dreams I had of a little white house, a husband, and kids is gone.  I can never have that now.  All I can do is just try to survive on my own. I don’t have any dreams anymore.”

“No, “K” that is not true!  That’s what the devil wants you to believe but don’t you believe that!”  I insisted.  “Jesus has so many promises that he wants to give you.  He died that you might live and live an abundant life.  He can make you a new creation.  He has plans and purposes for you that you can’t even imagine right now. Let me show you some of those promises!” I took her to several life giving passages of God’s plans and promises to all who believe on his son, Jesus.

I also shared the stories of other women who had made it out of that life.  I told her of women I had personally met in clubs who were now happily married to Christian men and who were great Moms to their children.

I don’t think I convinced her though.  She left thanking me, but still doubtful as an unbeliever.  I know that seeds were sown and I know the Holy Spirit will continue to speak to her.  Faith comes through hearing, and hearing through the Word of God (Romans 10:17).  Light in Darkness teams always try to season their speech through Scripture and we claim the promise in Isaiah 55:11 which says that God’s word will not return void.  It will accomplish the purpose for which it is sent.  Seed sowing with the Word is one of our purposes and practices.  We don’t give up on anyone and we strive to continue the relationship no matter if we see no evidence of any move toward God happening. We leave the results to God and know that He is at work!

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