Loved by God

“J” had been abused and neglected by her parents until Child Protective Services (CPS), rescued her when she was four years old.  She was given into the care of her Godly grandmother.  “J” was raised by her Grandmother until she died when “J” was 11. 

“Those were the happiest years of my life.”  She told me.  “We lived out in the country and we went to a little white country church.  Grandma would tell me stories, many from the Bible, and we would sit out on her porch swing and she would teach me songs like, Jesus loves me. She always had a big garden and we loved to eat her sun ripened vegetables.  I felt so safe for the first time in my life and I loved everything about my life with Grandma.

After she died, I was put into foster care and I went from home to home and many were awful.  A teenaged boy raped me in one of them but no one would believe me! When I turned 18 I was released by the state and I had no one and no place to go.  That’s how I ended up working in a strip club.  It was ran by an organized crime family and they were into everything.  Drugs, and prostitution were part of the routine and they even had a hit man that worked for them named, Hank.  He did contract killings for 5000 dollars.  The longer I worked there, the more they controlled me until I felt like I was their property.  I’d also had a lot of relationships with men and after several years, I had three little boys.

One day I found the owner’s wife completely strung out and sniffing cocaine off a toilet seat in the bathroom.  I went off on her and told her how disgusting that was and she went crazy mad and cussed me out.

Later on that night one of the security guards came to the back room I was in.  It was just a little room with a bed and I was waiting for my next customer.  He told me that he had overheard the owner’s wife telling the hit man, Hank, to take me out.  She had told him I had crossed the line and that she never wanted to see my face again.

The security guard was my friend and he told me to get out and get out now!  Then he left in a hurry because he didn’t want to be seen talking to me.  When he closed the door I fell in the floor crying.  I was so scared and I began to pray like I’ve never prayed before.

‘God, I cried.  Please help me!  Don’t let me die.  If I die, my boys will be put into foster care like I was and I don’t want that for them.  I want to raise my children!  God, you know I hate working here but I don’t know how to get free.  I just wish I could live in the country like I did with Grandma and I wish I could go to church and raise my boys like my grandma raised me.  Please, help me God!  Save me!’

“J” told me that at that moment the door opened.  A tall man all dressed in black stood in the doorway.  He had a black cowboy hat, black trench coat, black jeans, and black boots.  He extended his hand and said, “Daughter, the Father has heard your cries.  I’m sent to take you out of here.  Take my hand.”

“J” didn’t understand his message at the time but she knew instinctively that she could trust him and she took his hand.  She said they walked right past the owners and Hank, but it was as if they were invisible.  She said it was like being in a dream and they were walking right through them.  Soon they were outside and walking to her car.  “J” turned to say thanks, but the man was gone.  Surely God sent an angel to rescue “J”.

She drove to pick up her boys from a baby sitters and they drove as far as they could on the gas in her car.  They lived in her car until she was able to get two part time jobs.  Today “J” is married to a godly man.  They live in the country and they never miss going to their beloved little white country church. God loves these ladies!  He will go to miraculous lengths to respond to their prayers and is always near to listen when they call out to Him.

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