A Simple Prayer

“Could I just say a prayer for you girls before we go?” Patty asked.

Patty and a teammate had tried to initiate a conversation with two girls in a Kokomo, Indiana strip club, but the girls had been pretty cool and unresponsive.  They shrugged half heartedly at Patty’s request, but bowed their heads to receive the prayer anyway.

As Patty prayed the Holy Spirit began to speak to her.  “Tell them I have not forgotten them.  Tell them that I see them.  Tell them that I know their names.”  He said.  So Patty included those words in her prayer saying.  “Lord, thank you that you have not forgotten these girls, and that you always see them.  Thank you that you know their names and everything about them…”

Patty noticed that when she finished praying the girls looked at each other with  surprised expressions but they didn’t say anything so the ladies headed out the door to go home.  Before they reached their car, the girls burst out the door of the club yelling, “Wait, Wait!”  “What is it, girls?”  Patty asked.

“We want you to know that we are leaving this awful place and never coming back!” One girl said.  “And it’s all because of your prayer,” the other chimed in with a smile.

“I don’t understand,” Patty said.  “What was special about the prayer?”

“Well,” said one, “On the way here, I looked at her and said, ‘Do you think God has forgotten us?  Do you think he sees us? Do you think he knows our names or anything about us?’  And I looked out the window of the car and up to the sky and said, ‘God if you’re really there, please give us a sign!’  He did it!  He answered everyone of my questions in your prayer! I know He is real!” Oh Friends, God does hear and answer the prayers of these desperate girls.  Many times we find that he connects us with those who are seeking Him and have cried out to Him in prayer.  Other times he connects us to girls who have had a family member who never stopped praying for their lost daughter or granddaughter.  Praise Him for His still small voice that guides and directs us in these encounters

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