Living a Lie

So many people who come into clubs put on a “party time” face but inside they know that they are living a lie. One of our teams entered a club and began to converse with a man who stopped them to ask why they were there. In the conversation that followed he bragged of his wealth and party lifestyle and said that he owned several businesses. At first he acted like he didn’t have a care in the world. After awhile he began to share that inside he knew he was dirty and living a lie. He said no one would like or respect him if they knew what he was really like inside. He said that he was planning to get drunk that night because he was depressed and had lost a loved one that day. The team shared the Gospel with him and he told them that was exactly what he needed. He prayed to receive Christ and was born again while sitting at the bar! The Holy Spirit fell on that man and he began to shake all over. He lifted his hands in the air and began to praise God! “Something is happening to me! He exclaimed. “I have never felt anything like this in my life! This must be God I’m feeling!” He laughed and cried and everyone in the bar was amazed at what was happening. He said, “I came here tonight to get drunk and I received the Lord instead!”

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