In Desperation

 On two nights recently, we spent a long time hearing the heart breaking stories of girls trapped in lives they hate and fear while in the club bathrooms!  They both wanted to talk where ‘the owners’ could not see them for fear of recrimination.

 One girl collapsed in the bathroom floor crying so hard.  We held her and wept with her on the floor.  She wants out desperately but fears for her life and what will happen to her children.  She is not ready to follow Jesus and let us help her escape but we know we planted seeds of the gospel in her heart.  We will not give up on her and when she is ready to run- we will be there.

The other girl was in grief because her husband had left her for another woman and she had started stripping in desperation for money to live and provide for her little boy.  We also prayed and wept together with her.  My teammate has followed up with her and last week the young lady quit the club and has found a job!!  Praise the Lord!

 There is no greater joy than reaching out to the lost and telling them the best news in the world.  Please my dear Friends, remember that every victory is shared with you because your prayers and gifts are what keeps this mission going.  I am so grateful to you-the team of brothers and sisters and churches that God has brought together for this ministry.  You are loved and appreciated!

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