Full Circle

I received the best present ever when I got this call recently from an Outreach Pastor:

“Hello!  We have a young woman who is a faithful member of our church who says that she knows you.  She has told us that you and some of the ladies who minister with you really helped her get through a rough time when she was a dancer at a strip club. (The pastor then told me her name and I remembered her very well from several years ago.)  She feels like the Lord is calling her to go back into the clubs to do ministry and would like to join one of your teams.  I also believe there are more ladies at my church who would like to do this ministry.  Could I schedule you to come and do a training?”

What a thrill!  This is a beautiful full circle story of a life that’s been redeemed.  We had not heard from this young woman in years but God had been at work.  The Holy Spirit had continued to use the seeds of truth that were sown into her life and the many prayers that were prayed for her.  Today she is not only saved, she is also called to do ministry with us!

I soon contacted Mindy (name changed) and tears came to my eyes as she shared her testimony and her desire to go back into the sinful environment she had left. 

She said, “I feel like I’m strong enough in the Lord now to go back in and I feel so burdened for the women trapped in those clubs.  I can tell them how God brought me out!  I know I can offer them hope that they can be free!  Will you let me join you!”  

“Absolutely!” I replied.  Friends, this is a precious gift to you as well.  Rejoice that the Father is blessing your prayers and support with souls who are being redeemed.  You are making a difference!

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