Journey into Darkness

“How did I get here?” 

“How did my life get so screwed up?”

“Please believe me, I didn’t use to be this way.”

Our Light in Darkness teams often hear statements like these as we minister to ladies in the clubs.  Many despise the lives they are living and don’t understand how they arrived at the circumstances they are in. Our hearts hurt for these young women and we often leave the clubs with a feeling of heaviness.  We have often said among ourselves, “She’s really a sweet girl but she’s never had a chance and made some bad choices.”

 This combination of two factors always seem to be at work:

  1.  Poor circumstances in life, being brought up in a dysfunctional family
  2.  Compounded with personally making a series of bad choices.

  Truth:  A life in Darkness is Reached Through a Journey, Not Caused By a Single Event

Please pray that our teams can faithfully give the Words of Love and Life to this population of women! Many never had a good role model in a godly Mom or Dad to show them the way and to open positive doors of opportunity.  They never had the secure love of a godly Dad and thus sought unhealthy relationships with other men. They were often thrust out into the world on their own, having no wise counselors to give them guidance .God has sent us into their lives to be those ‘Mother Figures’ and Role Models.  Pray we can help them experience God’s salvation and give them assistance to begin making good choices

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