Just One Night…

Just one night…
“I don’t know how to keep going. Everyone keeps dying that I love. I just lost another close friend and that makes 19 friends and family members who have overdosed during my life.” Hanging out in a strip club dressing room we were shocked to hear that this past year alone this young woman had lost her Dad and her best friend to heroin. Her eyes were dull and her shoulders were slumped. She spoke as though numb from emotion. We were offering her comforting words and loving support when a second woman burst in.
“I’m so scared he’s going to get me! I’m so afraid! Oh God, help me, help me!”
A skinny, dark haired young woman came hurrying in. She was shaking and crying profusely. She slumped in a chair and put her face in her hands, continuing to repeat those words over and over. I can’t remember ever seeing someone so afraid! I walked to her and she grabbed me around the waist. I pulled her into a hug while she sobbed hysterically for several minutes. When she was able to speak, she told us that she knew a certain pimp was on his way to that club. She said this man had hurt her before and tried to force her into his car. He had told her, “You’re mine and you’re going to work for me!” We told her that we could get her to a safe place and began making a plan with her.
This is just one night in the life of a Light in Darkness team. These young ladies are so in need of Christian women to stand in the gap for them, offering love and counsel. Please pray for our thirty teams who work in seven states, faithfully doing great ministry each and every week.

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