Spirit Led

Our Teams strive to be led by the Holy Spirit in all we say and do in the clubs.  Before going in, we spend time in prayer and we ask the Lord to guide us in our conversations with the women inside.  We ask Him to fill our mouths with His words, not ours.  We include listening prayer because we want to hear his voice and sometimes he gives us a Word of Knowledge, or a prophetic insight, or a vision to prepare us for our next encounter.

Recently a team was praying in my car before going into a club.  The Lord spoke to Julie, a member of the team.  After going inside, we were soon approached by a young woman who introduced herself as Stormy, her stage name. 

Julie shared, “Well, you introduced yourself as, Stormy, but the Lord is telling me that you had a loving Grandfather who called you, Sunshine.  Isn’t that right?”

The young woman gasped!  “Yes! He used to sing me that song, You are My Sunshine, My only Sunshine! He has gone to Heaven now, and I know he wouldn’t want me to be in here.  But how did you know that?”

“The Lord told me.” Julie replied kindly. Because we were following the leading of the Holy Spirit, that conversation became a spiritual encounter that lasted the entire time we were there.  The power of God was manifested to Stormy for the first time in her life.

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