Beginning a New Relationship

“God please set up divine appointments for us tonight!  Help us to represent you with excellence in this dark place.  We want to radiate your love and compassion to these broken women.  Lead us to people who are seeking you and thank you for allowing us the awesome privilege of being your messengers.”

Four women met to pray fervently before going into a strip club recently.  They are part of a Light in Darkness Ministry team that has been faithfully going in once a week to do outreach with the dancers who work inside.  Some of these ladies are trapped in the sex industry through drug addiction or the challenges of poverty and some of the ladies are trafficked. The trafficked women have an owner who is coersing them to prostitute themselves through beatings and vicious threats.

Three women went in, while one continued to do warfare prayer for the team in her car in the parking lot.  Entering, the team looked around in the smoky darkness of the club and saw men of all ages lounging with hard liquor in hand and lust on their faces.  Inwardly, they felt sadness and dismay in seeing fifteen scantily dressed women working in that degrading environment. Outwardly, the team put on bright smiles and began to speak kindly to the ladies, offering greetings,  hugs and little gifts.  One dancer seemed eager to talk so they sat with her at a table.

 They chatted awhile and then one of the team asked, “Is there anything we could be praying for you about?”  Without hesitation she replied that all of her relationships were a mess.  The team listened as the young lady shared her relationship heartaches.

After listening and offering comfort and support, one team member said, “You know, the most important relationship you can have is with Jesus.”  The young lady asked, “What does that mean?  How would I begin a relationship with Him?”

What a wonderful question!  The team shared testimonies of how they began relationships with Christ and showed her some key verses in Scripture.  “Would you like to pray and begin a relationship with Jesus right now?” They asked.  “Yes!”  She replied sincerely and tears flowed down her cheeks as they lead her through a prayer of salvation. 

Now the team will begin the happy task of discipleship!  God answered prayer!  He demonstrated that His light can penetrate the darkest of places and break through the power and bondages of the enemy.  Drinking and carousing were happening all around, but in the midst of it all, a new name was written in the Book of Life! Light in Darkness Ministry was founded by OMS missionary, Dr. Carolyn Knight, in 2005.  The ministry exists to recruit and train Christian women to reach those who are trapped or trafficked in the sex industry businesses and lead them to freedom in Christ Jesus. Teams like this one are making a difference to a population often neglected by the church. They are reaching people who might never hear the Gospel, had they not been willing to go into these sinful environments.  There are more than twenty five teams ministering in the U.S. but many more are needed. If you would like training to begin an outreach team in your city, contact Carolyn at

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