One Holiday Gift

“Honey, why are you crying?” I had brought a young woman from the clubs with me to church. Tears streamed down her face as we sang in worship. “This brings back such a happy memory.” She whispered. “One of the only times I was happy as a child was when I lived with a particular foster care family and they took me to church. It was the only time I ever got to go. I realized how much I have missed it.” She went to the altar after the sermon and made a commitment to Christ! She has broken off a lesbian relationship and has not went back to the strip club where we met. It all started with one holiday gift! That gift opened up a door for conversation which led to us exchanging phone numbers I called her and asked if I could pick her up for church and you know the rest of the story! A new soul was brought into the Kingdom of God because of a chain reaction of God’s servants all working together. Some of you donated the funds that provided these gifts and others put the holiday gift bags together. Many covered the gifts with intercessory prayer and finally, some took the gits in with hugs and smiles. All are part of Light in darkness teams and God is using all of us to bring souls into his Kingdom. Thank you All!

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  1. How I rejoice in what our God is doing in the lives of these women!! Thank you ladies as you step into these demonic places to rescue them from the enemy

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