Walking in Obedience

We desire to be obedient to God in whatever He asks us to do in ministry.  One day the Holy Spirit spoke to one of our team members named Judy, as she was driving to a club.  “Buy a white rose and a red rose and give them to this woman.”  God showed her the face of a young woman.  Judy argued a little and said, “But Lord, it will look like I’m showing favoritism if I give roses to only one lady.”  The Holy Spirit persisted in His instructions.

Judy was obedient and bought the roses.  When she entered the club, she immediately saw the woman and began to go toward her.  The woman’s eyes grew wide as she saw the roses and she began to cry before Judy had even reached her. They sat down in a secluded corner and she began to share her story.

She said that she and her Mom had given one another a white rose every time they had a special occasion.  It was ‘their thing.’  However, a three years ago her Mom had fallen onto hard times, went into a deep depression, and had taken her own life.  The woman wept and said that this all had led her down the path to dancing in strip clubs.  She shared that she didn’t think she could even get through the pain of her Mom’s death.

In that moment, the Lord told Judy why he had also asked her to get a red rose.  Judy lovingly shared that the red rose represented the shed blood of Jesus for her.  She told her that Jesus takes our brokenness and heals our wounds.  This was the first time the woman had ever heard of the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ but the Lord had known that her heart would be opened to listen through the gift of those two roses!  We depend on the Lord to prepare the way for powerful Spirit Led encounters.

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