I briefly met a young woman named, “Temptation,” one night in a club. I never learned her real name.  Sometimes it takes months for a young lady in a club to confide in us enough to learn her real name. We didn’t get to speak to her very long but I wanted to at least give her a ‘seed’ of the Gospel before we left. 

I remembered that I had a little wordless tract in my purse.  The colors told the story of the Gospel and the key to understanding the colors was explained on the back page, with a verse or two. There was an invitation to receive Christ and a sample ‘sinners’ prayer displayed also.

We never saw, ‘Temptation,’ again.  Months went by until one day one of my teammates was pulling into her church parking lot on a Sunday morning.  She got out of her car and ‘Temptation,’ pulled right in beside her. 

“Temptation!”  She said in surprise.  “What are you doing here?”

“Hi!  You remember me!  Do you remember that you all gave me a little booklet that night we met?  It had all these colors in it?  Well, I kept looking at it and looking at it, and one night I prayed that prayer.  I quit the club months ago and now I work in a nursing home.  I’ve been looking for a church that I would feel comfortable in and I thought I’d go to this one today.  I’m so glad to know that you go here too!”

Hallelujah!  A new name had been written in the Book of Life!  I’m so thankful that God allowed us to know the end of her story and to be reconnected with her again.  We never dreamed that she had become our sister in Christ.  The Lord spoke to her and called her to Himself through one little Gospel tract.

These women are reachable for Christ. Temptation was ready to receive Jesus.  Her heart was tender and open to respond.  But she needed to be connected to a messenger. That is the purpose of Light in Darkness Ministry.  We must be willing to go where they are since they are unlikely to come to us.  Light in Darkness teams bring in the light and love and truth of the Gospel. Teams are covered by praying intercessors who call upon God to set up divine appointments.   We cheerfully strive to make friends and open up dialogue with the ladies.  We faithfully plant the seeds of the Gospel and share our testimonies as God gives us opportunities.  We season our speech with Scripture so that they can hear the Word and respond with faith as the Holy Spirit draws them.  As we are faithful, God brings in the harvest!

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